Private dealers such as myself, with a long history and extensive worldwide contacts in the business of rare books and manuscripts, often help clients to buy single items or build collections by our ability to offer objective advice without overhead or inventory cost pressures affecting the advice given.

Since 2003 I have maintained no open retail site or any personal inventory beyond the occasional irresistible acquisition.
I now have the liberty of absolute objectivity, whether what's best for my client is pursuing something coming up at auction, or grabbing something currently in another dealer's inventory, or waiting for something better - either because of cost, or item condition, or market conditions. I keep a close and vigilant eye on the auction houses and dealer catalogues around the world and top dealer postings on the reputable websites. (That is to say, no eBay).

As someone who has seen so many copies of so many rare and important titles, I have a vast matrix of experience as to what constitutes acceptable condition ranges, current prices, and relative rarity (even among extreme rarities).

I am willing to consult on an individual purchase of substance within my areas of expertise, or assist in long term strategic objectives regarding building personal collections or helping an institution of your choice.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on obtaining short-term or long-term professional expert advice.